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Tired of monthly software payments? Never pay monthly again. Smart HR Software is a most affordable self hosted HR & Payroll Software. Just pay once & forget about paying monthly/annual fees, There is no per user fees.

  • Unlimited Companies
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HR Management

HR Management

Simplify your HR processes with complete peace of mind thanks to Smart HR! It covers all aspects of human resources management with in particular the core hr, payroll, attendance, staff management, training, recruitment as well as meetings.

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payroll management


No more complexity. Quickly, reliably and securely manage your employees' payrolls. Payroll module allows you to save time, money and efforts, as well as minimize errors and access your workforce data whenever you need it.

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attendance management


With our powerful yet easy-to-use attendance module, you will be kept informed at all times about your staff's working hours, overtime, sick days or vacations. Go digital with our software that you and your employees will love.

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Project Management

Project Management

Smart HR project management module is designed to help you keep tight control of each project, while the integrated project tasks, progress and discussion feature ensures the most efficient use of your human resources.

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Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Give your employees access to their own easy to use self service HR platform. Simplify the management of HR requests, centralize the personal and professional data of your teams thanks to a self-service HR portal.

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hr management software

Do you need more features?

Smart HR Software provides full range of features that help you provide the best possible experience including solutions for multi company management as well as support ticket system.

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Clear screens, linear navigation and time-saving notifications will ensure that employees, as well as their managers, get value from their HR system

Trusted By The World's Top Organizations

Work more efficiently with Smart HR management software

Built by experts and trusted by HR professionals worldwide, Smart HR is flexible and modular HR software, designed for all size of organizations.

Quick to implement and simple to manage, it is smart, sophisticated and incredibly adaptable, so you can make it flexible and keep up with your changing needs.

  • Manage all your employee data in a central system
  • Easily manage absences and leaves
  • Accurately track working hours and time spent per project
  • Time-saving workflows, reminders and notifications
  • Track progress and benefit from centralized reporting

Forget Excel to manage your human resources! Automate your tasks and enter the digital age with an Smart HR Information System.

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Anywhere Anytime

Do your job from anywhere

Smart HR Software combines powerful human resource management capabilities with the latest mobile and cloud technologies to save time, money and improve knowledge and information sharing across the organization.

With 24/7 online access to centralized HR information, user management, recruitment, time management, payroll, events and meetings, performance evaluation and much more. Our HR software has everything you need to save time, streamline and improve human resource management.

  • Compatible with all web browsers and screen sizes
  • Manage data from any iPhone, Android phone, iPad / tablet, desktop computer or laptop

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attendance management system

Your employees can use Smart HR at any time and from any device. Our HR software is versatile and works 24 hours a day.

Connect everyone in your business

A HRIS Software for all your employees

Executives, Human Resources Managers, Team Leaders and Collaborators all have access to the Smart HRIS at any time thanks to this web based system.

Depending on their roles and the access you grant them as HR, they can formulate request, view dashboards and data summaries, access their payslips, receive alerts and notifications, etc

Thanks to the digitization of the human resources function, each employee can connect from any device to their user account to update their data.

They will be able to add their emergency, home contacts; to update their qualifications and documents, or to check the payslips or attendance, all online.

Smart HR was designed to improve everyone's productivity. People will be able to relate to each other and to the information itself, as never before.


Everything you need an HR Software

Succeed in your digital transformation! Start working in minutes with out of the box features.

Smart HR Software is a web-based HR & Payroll system designed for organizations of all sizes and across industries. A system with full capabilities, Smart HR is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Employee Management

Employee Management





HR Calendar

HR Calendar

multi language




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More Than Just a HR Software

Find out how to increase your business productivity with smart hr software.

Why your business needs a Smart HR Software?

The complete HRMS software that centralizes all the functionalities you need

Increase staff productivity

One of the main reasons to use software for human resource management is, without a doubt, to increase efficiency in daily tasks. You can forget about manual records and save time to dedicate to other types of activities that require it.

Human resources software will help professionals in an area to be much more efficient in all their daily tasks. Without a doubt, manual registrations are a thing of the past and they waste a lot of time, while the use of human resources software will allow workers to dedicate themselves to the really important tasks, serve their clients, etc.

A well-managed human resources department brings happier employees. When the activities related to recruitment, selection, training, compensation and incentives are carried out in an organized manner, employees appreciate it by showing themselves satisfied, productive and more loyal to the company.

A satisfied employee can be the best ambassador for your company and this is very important to develop your brand as an employer, referrals and recommendations from satisfied employees can help you attract better professionals and valuable people who want to grow and contribute something positive to the organization.

When a company relies on a good human resources system, it can save a lot of money. Automating the activities of this area allows a company to carry out excellent personnel management without having to hire dozens of people to do so.

To get an idea, a company without such software must hire one human resources professional for every 50 employees. Whereas, when a company has automated software it only needs one professional for every 150 employees, which means that if your company has 200 employees you only need one full-time professional to manage the workforce.

Remember that money is a resource that you must take care of as much as possible and reducing costs little by little can save you thousands of dollars a year

A human resources system provides managers with all the data or information necessary to make the best decisions. With all this data, your department will be able to plan activities in a much more strategic way, focus efforts on the areas of greatest need, make better use of the budget, etc.

It is undeniable that a human resources solution can be a great contribution to the growth of your company, investing in its implementation can bring great economic and strategic advantages over your competition, in addition to increasing productivity and therefore performance.

Is your HR department full of sticky notes, files and a lot of pending paperwork to complete? The human resources department is one of the areas of the company that has the most tasks to do and even so, it seems that it is still the most distorted area or to which managers pay the least attention.

When it comes to investing in technology for business, it is very likely that leaders reject the idea of ​​using a human resources system in their administrative processes. The reason? They think it is very expensive and unnecessary.

But have you ever taken the time to find out what this type of software can do for your business?

Human resources solutions or systems in the cloud not only stand out for allowing their unlimited accessibility, but also facilitate those important objectives of the department and the company in general. Recruiting, and maintaining human capital without interrupting workflow or investing too much money is possible when you have these types of solutions.

For that reason, we will explain all the advantages and benefits of a HR system for your company.

What is a human resources software?

Human resources software is a solution that allows automating the administrative and daily management processes of both employees and the company's human resources department. Facilitating the implementation of HR policies .

Human resources software allows you to guarantee coordination and communication with your workers . Employees, through a unique username and password, can access this digital environment to register their working hours , prepare a vacation request or keep up with the latest news and communications from the company. It is a tool that greatly facilitates the life of the Human Resources department. And it allows workers and managers not to waste time on tedious tasks that do not add value.

Advantages of using human resources software

HR software help and enable the HR department to store, manage, retrieve and process employee data and automate all the main processes in HR. A well-managed company in the field of staff productivity is more competitive, therefore, the objective of human resource management software is to grow the company through people.

Some of the advantages of smart HR software is that it allows employees to carry out their tasks, such as checking their payroll, managing their vacation reservations, absenteeism, etc. This causes employee satisfaction, since they can quickly and easily access their information, without going through all the paperwork that slows it down.

What is the main use of having a Human Resources software?

The utility is obvious. So obvious that it often goes unnoticed by companies. The people who work with us are one of the fundamental drivers of the company. They are the "showcase" and the "image" of the company for customers and suppliers. Their daily work, their efficiency or their inefficiency, make the company work better or worse. That the company grows or that the company loses money.

And it's not just enough to pay your payroll. Paying the payroll is like paying the premises or the office where you work. In addition to paying the office or the premises, we all know that we have to have maintenance work, that we have to have a cleaning service, electricity, communications, etc. Well, the same thing happens with the people who work with us. We not only have to pay the payroll or the invoice, we have to manage them as if they were our offices. We have to know who they are, where they are, what training they have, plan their presence in the office and their absences, evaluate their professional work to improve it, etc.

That is the main utility of having HR Software. Because it manages all that information, without creating unnecessary expenses, or embarking on complicated computer adventures.

What are the biggest advantages of having HRIS software?

The digital transformation has brought great changes to HR departments, introducing HRIS to work methods, among others. The Human Resources Information Systems are systems that manage all information related to the human capital of the companies, ie, software that help the HR department to control all the information of its employees.

Do you want to know what HRIS are and how they can benefit your company? we tell you everything you need to know about the implementation of these systems.

HRIS System help companies and human resources departments to work much more efficiently. And, these systems allow you to manage the entire company, from personnel and the hiring of new workers to accounting.

The greatest advantage that an HRIS can offer a company is that it will manage all its activity through the same interface.

Controlling HR through a digitized system can greatly facilitate work, thus saving time and costs. In addition, the information that the HRIS databases manage is very valuable; consequently, decision-making in the human resources department is much easier and more accurate.

A good digital strategy for HR management accompanied by effective management software can bring great benefits to a company, whatever its size, sector and age.

Connectivity: One of the great benefits you can have is connectivity. Ideally, the HRMS software can be accessed from anywhere, in your office, home, or even while on the go or remotely.

The software have the ability to be opened on any device: computer, tablet or cell phone. That will further help you manage people quickly and efficiently. You can approve vacations or send salary settlements through a single click while working at home, having lunch or on the street. Incredible or not?

Centralized activities and tasks: Another important benefit of having HR management software is that you can have everything in one place. In the same platform you can find everything you need to make your work efficient.

You can pay salaries, manage attendance, approve vacations, receive support requests, and obtain reports.

Autonomy for your collaborators: If you are thinking of making the tasks associated with people management more efficient, then a software can help you with its self-consultation modules.

This means that both the administration or human resources department and the company's collaborators may have access to the same platform, but the latter will only have access to it to view their profile and personal information.

It optimizes both the processes that allow the collaborator to self-manage their needs, as well as obtain documents, certificates and access their salary settlements, without having to go to the human resources office in person.

In addition, you can request vacations and benefits in one place. This generates independence and transparency, since all the required personal information is obtained in the same profile and with 24/7 access to the platform.

Using HR data: Today, more than ever, knowledge is power. Modern companies generate large amounts of data about people and operations. An HR solution makes it easy to collect and use such information. An HR system can make it easy to identify many useful ideas.

You might, for example, find that your marketing department has a high churn rate. That suggests a problem affecting staff morale or engagement. With that information, you can find the precise problem and solve it.

Cost efficiency: Speaking of efficiency, Human Resources solutions are a more profitable option for many companies. Take, for example, a small business that never had a dedicated HR department before. When it grows to the point that the owner cannot handle staff and talent management by himself, he must act.

In the past, the company often had to hire a Human Resources professional. Today, instead, they could take advantage of the human resources solution. The time saving and efficiency benefits of the software are vital. They can return Human Resources to control of the company's existing team. They would no longer have to pay the significant salaries of a specialist.

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